NEWS 10.3.10
Just updating the gallery for now. My new job at Target has me pretty busy, and rather creatively drained. I have not forgotten Juno, though I feel that I have lost it's ambition. I Am far from finished with it, I just can't work on it right now. I am on the brink of being completely finished with Talitha, and there is already a much bigger project right after that. ooOOoooo you guys are gunna LOVE this next one. Mostly because you will actually get to see some of the stuff I do as Wil and I get going on it. Wil's the writer. He and I are all excited about this too. All's a secret for now, because we are'nt quite far enough into it for me to wanna start getting peeps addicted to it just yet.
I will say though, that it will not be a web comic. In otherwords, what I do post on the internet will be purely promotional, for the project, and for my portfolio. But mostly the project. :D
I know, Juno fans. I'm a bad person. I am still going to be updating it, it's just going to be sporatic. ...not that it wasn't beforehand...

UPDATED: Galllery - Life Drawings

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